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Health Agent Insurance Coverage Guidelines

Finding the best health insurance coverage (Health Agent Insurance Coverage Guidelines) for your clients can give you peace of mind that you have provided the best service and that your clients will be happy with their plan and coverage. Part of this puzzle is knowing if your clients qualify for premium assistance and which options are open to them.

These  Guidelines provided by CoveredCA for the 2016 enrollment year, till March 2017. 

Income Guidelines Chart (use through March 2017)

health agent insurance coverage guidelines

health agent insurance coverage guidelines









Each year before open enrollment CoveredCA provides an updated list of the Income Guidelines which shows the premium assistance offered to those qualifying. Provided in an easy to follow chart you can use online or in a printed format.


Chart directions: You may be eligible for Medi-Cal or Low-Income Health Plan. Whether you qualify for financial assistance depends on your household income and family size. See the charts below to help determine if you qualify for financial help. This chart is the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines for the 2016 Benefit Year. View the chart to help determine if you qualify.

Amend Your California Tax Return to Claim CalEITC

Did you find out you were eligible for the California Earned Income Tax Credit after you filed your taxes? Good news, you can still get this cash-back credit.

Link to website:

There are 2 ways to claim the credit by amending your tax return completing Form 540X and enter information on Line 25:


Go to your preparer and request to file an amended return.

Even though it is past April 18, free tax preparation sites are still open in neighborhoods across the state. To find one, visit our Free Tax Prep Finder and enter your zip code.


Download and complete Form 540X yourself:

If you are due a refund, have no amount due, or paid electronically, mail the form to:


PO BOX 942840

SACRAMENTO CA 94240-0001

Currently, there is no way to file this form electronically.

Link to website:

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